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Biographical Notes on Robert Withy (part 2)

19 November 2017

With this essay, I am going to provide long extracts from two interesting sources on Robert Withy without added comment. The first is a genealogical work, His Pedigree, with Memoirs...

Biographical Notes on Robert Withy (part 1)

17 October 2017

I wasn't able to attend this week's conference on Bibliography Among the Disciplines, but did follow a bit on Twitter under the tag #BxD17. One of the memes was "When you fall down...

Breaking News!

27 August 2017

How can there be breaking news in a blog about an 18th century author?I learned this morning that Vanderbilt University just acquired the Clulow and United States Playing Card Company...

Who Made These Marks?

22 June 2017

Let me note quietly the sixth anniversary of this blog!There is an odd passage on pages 35-6 of Whist.4, the fourth edition of Hoyle's Short Treatise on Whist (1743). Hoyle gives one...