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Hamlet at the Public (2017)

19 July 2017

Melancholy Rebel Pilot A man’s body lies prone, face up with eyes closed. The image repeats itself, with different bodies, some living, some ghostly, some just playing dead....

Against Tyranny (Shakespeare, Snyder, Milton, and “Brutus”)

27 June 2017

Books against Tyranny This week brings to an end a short and intense online summer grad course on the suddenly topical subject of “Tyranny.” An intrepid band of students...

Macbeth (Shakespeare on the Sound 2017)

23 June 2017

Before last night’s terrific production of Macbeth by Shakespeare on the Sound in Rowaytan, CT, my students and I had a great chat with Claire Kelly, who directed this show, and...

Passions of Bloom: #artsideas17

21 June 2017

It’s not often a literature professor gets to listen to his own profession sung in gorgeous oratorio, in seven voices, backed by twenty-three musicians from the Yale Philharmonic....