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The Global Ocean: Racial Geographies and the Oceanic Humanities: URI, 4/12/17

13 April 2017

It may have been foolhardy of me to join an intense full-day symposium and workshop just three days after the madness of #shakeass17, but the gates of the wonder-world only open...

#shakeass17: Queering our Futures

9 April 2017

Taken together, our shared experience of #shakeass17 in Atlanta included storm-caused rupture. Despite much erudition, innovation, rage, and love, the impersonal hand of the tornado-razor...

Dead Horse Bay event at Urban Glass Sat 3/25

21 March 2017

Anyone who’s been to any of the Oceanic New York events or students from the “Open King Lear” course last fall who remember our trip to Dead Horse Bay...

Tempest @ St Ann’s Warehouse

17 February 2017

In Donmar Warehouse’s all-female Shakespeare Trilogy, directed by Phyllida Lloyd and starring Harriet Walter, the set has always been the same: a women’s prison....