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Measure at the Public (Elevator Repair Service)

30 September 2017

Time’s the thing. The moving thing. On the long drive back to Connecticut last night I was thinking about time in performance. The brilliant and occasionally bizarre performance...

Nashe’s Voices in Shakespeare’s House

10 September 2017

Our man Thom (in leg irons) A bunch of academics talking in a windowless underground room don’t amount to anyone’s idea of a revolution. But as we Nashers gnashed at the...

Hamlet at the Public (2017)

19 July 2017

Melancholy Rebel Pilot A man’s body lies prone, face up with eyes closed. The image repeats itself, with different bodies, some living, some ghostly, some just playing dead....

Against Tyranny (Shakespeare, Snyder, Milton, and “Brutus”)

27 June 2017

Books against Tyranny This week brings to an end a short and intense online summer grad course on the suddenly topical subject of “Tyranny.” An intrepid band of students...