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“Meditations on Archival Fragments”: Review of Dispossessed Lives

26 April 2017

It should go without saying that the historical profession depends on archives. Near or far, we need those repositories to craft historical narratives about past worlds. There is also...

“We lost our appetite for food”: Why Eighteenth-Century Hangriness Might Not Be a Thing

20 April 2017

Today at The Junto, Rachel Herrmann shares a Nursing Clio cross-post in which she asks whether eighteenth-century "hangriness" was really a thing

Guest Post: Finding an Agent

18 April 2017

Today, Jennifer Goloboy explains the process of finding an agent, a must for those who hope to publish with most trade presses. Jennifer Goloboy is a literary agent at Red Sofa...

SPECIAL WEEKEND EDITION: Guest Post, The Influence of the Scottish Highlands on the British Army in early America

16 April 2017

SPECIAL WEEKEND EDITION: The Junto commemorates the anniversary of the Battle of Culloden, considering its role in shaping early American history.