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Marvelous Maltese Medicines

15 August 2017

I have just got back from a lovely stay in Malta. I spent many hours learning about the military history of the Island, and went round the rather splendid Museum of the Knight’s...

Mad Cats and Heavy Drinking

19 July 2017

As some of your who follow me on twitter will know I have recently acquired a new research assistant – seen here on the right. He is a delight most of the time, but every now...

Medicinal Marsh Mallows

28 June 2017

I must confess the title is perhaps a little bit ‘click bait’ in style. This post is sadly not about the soft pink and white sugary treats we are all familiar with, but...

Book Launch

15 June 2017

Maladies and Medicine: Exploring Health and Healing, 1540-1740 (Pen & Sword Books) by Jennifer Evans and Sara Read Today people rely on the NHS to provide health care and treatments...