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More body hair removal tips for the Renaissance woman

13 March 2014

I couldn’t resist sharing these thoughts on body hair removal from a  Venetian 1562 advice book for women that I stumbled across yesterday (apparently written by a “Greek...

Call for Papers, RSA 2014: Skin, Fur and Hairs: Animality and Tactility in Renaissance Europe

30 April 2013

Titian, Woman in a Fur Coat.1535. Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna. For Renaissance Europeans, animal fur was a desirable but complex material.  It was a high status commodity, lining...

How to see people naked in Renaissance Italy

28 February 2013

How to see naked men\nSeeing naked or near-naked men in the Renaissance does not seem to have been very difficult. I should point out that looking at naked people is not, necessarily,...

Did renaissance women remove their body hair?

9 December 2012

\nNotoriously, on the wedding night of the celebrated art critic, John Ruskin and Effie Gray in 1848, Ruskin was so repelled by the sight of his bride’s body that he was unable to...