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Shaping Sense: The Paramaterial Phantasy

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“Their phantasies differ”: The Phantasy in Raleigh’s translation of Sextus Empiricus

3 May 2014

The “Sceptick,” first published in 1651 and attributed to Sir Walter Raleigh, offers one of the first known English translations, albeit unacknowledged, of portions of Sextus Empiricus’...

The Cheerios and Coca Cola Super Bowl Controversy: Capitalism with a Human [Multicultural] Face

4 February 2014

Since the Super Bowl I have been thinking about the Cheerios and Coca Cola commercials that created a torrent of racist Tweets and commentary. The Cheerios commercial featured a beautiful...

How to Make a Woodcut: Senseshaper’s Process of De-Digitizing the Archives

28 January 2014

Several months ago when I started making woodcuts and posting the results to Twitter and Facebook, some asked me to write a blog post explaining my process. I got sidetracked, first,...

The First Cuts are the Deepest: Senseshaper’s (Zachary Fisher’s) First Months of Woodcutting

15 January 2014

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Senseshaper's WoodcutsWhat started as a way to occupy myself as I grappled with whether or not I wanted to continue pursuing my PhD in Renaissance...