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Creating Harmonious Subjects? Songs for Queen Elizabeth I’s Accession Day

1 July 2016

Queen Elizabeth I (1558–1603) was the first monarch whose Accession Day  on 17 November (the day when Mary I died and she became Queen) became a yearly occasion for celebration....

The Mythical Powers of Music in the Age of the ‘Scientific Revolution’

2 June 2016

Writers about music in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries drew extensively on classical mythology to exemplify its powerful effects and importance to society. With little...

Tudor Partbooks: How You Could Get Involved!

6 December 2015

Are you into early music, Renaissance manuscripts or using Photoshop to improve digital images?  If any of theme applies to you, then you might enjoy getting involved with...

Tudor Partbooks: Sadler Restoration (I) – The Project

25 June 2015

Find out about the Tudor Partbooks project’s plan to restore the sixteenth-century musical partbooks of John Sadler and how you might get involved. The Problem: In c.1565-85...