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Emotions and the Precarious History of International Humanitarianism

19 August 2017

By Emma Hutchison, The University of Queensland Today, 19 August 2017, marks World Humanitarian Day, a day that celebrates the compassionate achievements of countless individuals and...

Emotions and Device-Oriented Psychiatry in the Early Twentieth Century

11 August 2017

By Chris Rudge, The University of Sydney In July 1907, the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung and American neurologist Frederick Peterson published the results of their investigations...

Emotions: History, Culture, Society: Call for Themed Issues

4 August 2017

By Katie Barclay, The University of Adelaide Last week, as one of the editors of Emotions: History, Culture, Society (EHCS), I attended a ‘Meet the Editors’ event that ran...

Dance and Feelings in Early Modern European Discourses

28 July 2017

By Alessandro Arcangeli (University of Verona) While the practice of many different forms of dance was almost ubiquitous in early modern European society, the sort of treatment and...