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News Reporting and Emotions, Part 1

23 March 2017

By Abaigéal Warfield and Amy Milka The University of Adelaide ‘I require news reporters to emote about as much as I do my toaster’.[1] This comment beneath an article...

Patricia Crawford: Celebrated Scholar and Mentor

13 March 2017

Reposted, with permission, from Vida: Blog of the Australian Women’s History Network By Joanne McEwan and Stephanie Tarbin The University of Western Australia Patricia Crawford...

Mourning Children with Objects

10 March 2017

By Jennifer Jorm, The University of Queensland   High rates of infant and child mortality did not numb parents to the loss of their children. Mourning tokens commissioned...

‘Love and Friendship: Part Two’

2 March 2017

By Susan Broomhall, The University of Western Australia As Susan Broomhall discussed in ‘Love and Friendship: Part One’, analysing the correspondence between Maria Theresia...