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News Reporting and Emotions Part 2: Reporting Disaster: Emotions, Trauma and Media Ethics

20 October 2017

By Amy Milka and Abaigéal Warfield (The University of Adelaide) Reporting Hurricane Harvey. Courtesy of CNN.From hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria to earthquakes in Mexico and...

Feeling the Baroque Fold

13 October 2017

by Andrea Bubenik, The University of Queensland In the monumental oil painting Judo House Part 6 (The White Bird) by Australian artist Nigel Milsom, two stark figures emerge from an...

The Emotional Intelligence of Medieval Didactic Literature for Children

6 October 2017

By Juanita Feros Ruys (The University of Sydney) Didactic literature of the Middle Ages might seem a strange place to look for instruction in emotional intelligence. After all, medieval...

Ecstasy: Notes from the Literary and Philosophical Traditions

29 September 2017

By Peter Holbrook (The University of Queensland) Nigel Milsom (Australia 1975– ) Judo House Part 6 (The White Bird) 2014–15 oil on linen 230 x 194 cm Collection: Art Gallery...