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‘Writing with Conceited Assurance’: A ‘Lost’ Brontë Fragment

7 December 2017

By Grace Moore, The University of Melbourne I’ve never been great at manuscript work. An early-career incident with Charles Dickens’ Hard Times manuscript at the Victoria...

Phyllis Wheatley and the Abolitionist Alternative

30 November 2017

By Spencer Jackson, The University of Queensland Near the end of his wonderful new history of the Russian Revolution, October,[1] China Miéville quotes Bruno Schulz’s 1937...

Examining and Experiencing Emotions in Feminist Research on Drone Warfare

16 November 2017

By Alex Edney-Browne (The University of Melbourne) Researching Drone Warfare in Afghanistan Wazir Akbar Khan Hill: Kites, NATO helicopters and Afghan flags contest for space in the...

Erasmus on the Arts in Luther’s Reformation: A Tragedy

10 November 2017

By Kirk Essary, The University of Western Australia The arts had affective import for Erasmus on multiple levels. The emotions themselves are described by the Dutch humanist in categories...