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A Brief History of Flyposting: A Villainous and Blasphemous paper posted in #Edinburgh, 1680 #History #Scotland

19 March 2017

A brief history of flyposting. When we ‘batter something out’ or something is ‘battered up’ it means doing it quickly and in haste. According to the Dictionary...

The Battle of Drumclog, 1679: Wilson’s Version #History #Scotland

23 February 2017

In 1751, an account of the Battle of Drumclog by William Wilson, a schoolmaster in the Park of Douglas parish, was published by John McCallum and sold by Robert Smith, bookseller ‘at...

Martin, Gilry and Muir Hanged in Edinburgh #History #Scotland

22 February 2017

Under 22 February, 1684: ‘George Martine Adam Weir [aka. John Kerr or John Gilry] & James Muire execute in the Grassmercat for deneying aut[hor]ie.’(Book of the Old...

‘The Tolbuith of Edinburgh is broke’, February, 1687 #History #Scotland

13 February 2017

Lord Fountainhall reports: 13 February, 1687: ‘being Sunday.— At night the Tolbuith of Edinburgh is broke, and 16 malefactors and robbers escapes; yet George Drummond the...