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Nine Covenanters Buried at Glasgow Cathedral #History #Scotland

21 May 2017

On a stairway down to the crypt of Glasgow Cathedral, is a gravestone to some of the Covenanters executed in Glasgow. The stone is hard to see as it is in a pretty dark spot. The Crypt...

Covenanters of the Killing Times Not Buried in the Parish They Died In #History #Scotland

19 May 2017

Why are twelve of the ninety-three field deaths of the Killing Times (1682 to 1688) not buried in the parish that they were executed in? See right slice of pie chart ‘other parish...

The Covenanters of the Killing Times and Their Graves: Part 2 #History #Scotland

6 May 2017

Sometimes the labourious task of comparing data sets transforms our understanding of a how a historical source was constructed. This is one of those occasions … The first part...

A Different Perspective on The Killing Times of the 1680s #History #Scotland

1 May 2017

A different way of analysing the Killing Times of the 1680s is to look at when the deaths of Covenanters appeared in Presbyterian sources. This way of looking at the Killing Times abandons...