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The Battle of Muirdykes, 1685: Erskine of Carnock’s Version #History #Scotland

24 June 2017

On 28 June, 1685, while he was in hiding at Gribloch, John Erskine of Carnock heard from a participant in the Battle of Muirdykes, which was fought on Thursday 18 June: ‘I met...

Finding “Lost” Landscapes of the Covenanters in Galloway: Making #History. #Scotland

22 June 2017

Can you find some ‘lost’ historical sites and landscapes of the Covenanters in Galloway? These places used to live in the imaginations of folk in Galloway, but now have...

A Letter To A Martyr in 1680 #History #Scotland

10 June 2017

The following letter was sent, probably by the field preacher Donald Cargill, to a captured Covenanter awaiting execution in Edinburgh, probably in 1680. Cargill’s use of ‘Dear...

Letter to the Martyrs, Archibald Stewart and John Potter, November, 1680 #History #Scotland

8 June 2017

The following letter was sent, probably by Donald Cargill, to Archibald Stewart, from Bo’ness, and John Potter, from Uphall, prior to their execution in Edinburgh on 1 December....