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The Captain who Rescued an Assassin Wrecked at Sea #History #Scotland

19 October 2017

It is not everyday that you rescue one of the most-wanted men in the Kingdom from a ship wreck, but that is what happened to a James Cassill, the captain of a ship which found David...

John Dick Taken in Potterrow and Hanged in Edinburgh in 1684 #History #Scotland

22 September 2017

The minister John Dick had been on the run since he had escaped from Edinburgh Tolbooth with up to twenty-four others on 16 September, 1683. However, in March, 1684, he was captured...

The Covenanters’ Revenge in Galston #History #Scotland

19 September 2017

In December, 1688, a party of armed Covenanters ejected the ministers of several parishes in Ayrshire. At Galston, they seized the minister Robert Simpson, took him to the churchyard...

‘Under the Highest Peril’: The Rabbling of Ayrshire in 1689 #History #Scotland

29 August 2017

On Christmas Day, 1688, armed Covenanters began a campaign of rabblings in Ayrshire designed to terrify ministers and their wives out of their churches, houses and parishes. Ninety...