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The hard digital history that underpins my book

6 June 2017

In my last blog I wrote about the ‘soft’ Digital History – or digital/’digital’/Digital [hH]istory – that went into my recent book on making and...

The soft digital history that underpins my book

24 May 2017

A book I wrote was recently published. It is on making and selling of satirical prints in Britain – mostly London – during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries....

Publication update (or, writing with people is the best)

18 April 2017

My first monograph The Business of Satirical Prints in Late-Georgian England is out (in ebook form, physical copies are forthcoming). Naturally I am pleased. The monograph is based...

OCRing history in the cloud: first impressions, next steps

25 November 2016

Last week I decided to try Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for the first time. The context was the publication of a dataset as a book.. To recap some lovely chats: nothing wrong...