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Trying to Move the Needle: Expanding the DH Reviewer Pool

25 June 2016

Today it was #Brexit. Two days ago it was #nobillnobreak. Two weeks ago it was #Orlando. Friends and colleagues in Texas are attending workshops on how to deal with campus...

How we Teach? Digital Humanities Pedagogy in an Imperfect World

5 June 2016

I was honoured to give this keynote at the CSDH/SCHN conference at Congress in Calgary on Wednesday. I would like to start by thanking Susan Brown, Jon Bath, Michael Ullyot, and CSDH...

REED and the Prospect of Networked Data at CSRS 2016

2 June 2016

This is the transcript of a long paper I gave as part of the "Digital Scholarship in Action: Research" panel at CSRS (Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies) in Calgary on May...

And so it begins: working towards DH2017

1 May 2016

On Thursday I sent an email to the combined DH2017 and DH2018 program committees welcoming and congratulating them on being part of the work we will take on over the coming 16 months...