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What’s a “book” in Early English Books Online?

19 July 2016

Recently I have been employed by the Visualising English Print project, where one of the things we are doing is looking at improving the machine-readability of the TCP texts. My colleague...

10 Things You Can Do with EEBO-TCP Phase I

11 May 2016

The following are a list of resources I presented at Yale University (New Haven, CT, USA) on 4 May 2016 as part of my visit to the Yale Digital Humanities Lab. Thank you again...

Introducing “Social Identity In Early Modern Print: Shakespeare, Drama (1514-1662) and EEBO-TCP Phase I”

29 February 2016

Today I am enormously pleased to introduce my PhD thesis, entitled “Social Identity In Early Modern Print: Shakespeare, Drama (1514-1662), and EEBO-TCP Phase...

7 reasons why I think this Hebrew-Latin book from 1683 is really cool

12 December 2015

A few years ago I wrote about non-English language printing in EEBO, a post which still gets a fair amount of traffic and a lot of people asking me about Welsh. So when I found a bilingual...