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Adam Smith: poverty and famine

26 June 2017

Adam Smith, drawing by John Kay, 1790. My Besterman lecture was a highly critical assessment of Adam Smith’s views on famine. In The Wealth of Nations (1776) Smith claims that...

In honor of Robert Darnton

19 June 2017

Robert Darnton in 2016 This month Oxford University will award an honorary doctorate of letters to Robert Darnton, a (if not the) leading cultural historian over the past 50 years...

La comédie de mœurs: perversion du classique ou genre classique?

9 June 2017

Pourquoi la comédie de mœurs fleurit-elle de 1680 à 1720? A cette question, l’histoire littéraire répond habituellement en évoquant le...

Bayle against the Brexit Blues

2 June 2017

Feeling hemmed in by narrow frontiers? Harassed by the ‘natives’ for being interested in the world outside? Feeling cut off from Europe, not to speak of bleak political...