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Interview with John Maass, author of  George Washington’s Virginia

19 October 2017

Historian and author John Maass goes beyond the archives in his study of history, which gives his work a refreshing originality.  He brings an... The post Interview with John Maass,...

From Fence to Fence: The Battles of Prudence Island

18 October 2017

The American Revolution was fought from Maine to Illinois, hundreds of military encounters occurring in what eventually became the United States of America. Among... The post From Fence...

Joseph Bettys: Revolutionary War Patriot, Traitor, and “Desperado”

17 October 2017

The Revolutionary War’s human landscape was populated by the famous, the infamous, and a vast number who have been forgotten. Some like Joseph Bettys... The post Joseph Bettys:...

From Wannabe Redcoat to Rebel: George Washington’s Journey to Revolution

16 October 2017

From the ministry’s point of view, affairs in America really were quite appalling. The unpardonable brashness of a cocksure young provincial had instantly escalated... The post...