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Top 10 Articles of March 2017

23 March 2017

Did you hear the news? Two awesome American Revolution museums are opening in the next 30 days, providing the bookends of an epic Philadelphia to... The post Top 10 Articles of...

Fort Anne: Remembering the Continental Army’s First Stand Against Burgoyne   

22 March 2017

Burgoyne’s campaign of 1777 has been termed a turning point in the American Revolution.[1]  Marked by the Continental Army’s victories at the battles of... The post...

A Republic of Wool: Founding Era Americans’ Grand Plans for Sheep

21 March 2017

Only 1,457 pounds of wool? George Washington was astonished. He had 568 sheep, so that meant the recent shearing at Mount Vernon and his... The post A Republic of Wool: Founding Era...

The prowess of American riflemen: a mystery now solved

20 March 2017

In his Colonel George Hanger to all Sportsmen, and particularly to Farmers and Gamekeepers (London, 1814) Hanger retails a diverting anecdote about the prowess... The post The prowess...