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ESTS / DiXiT 2016 Report

4 November 2016

NB: This is a report on the final convention in the core DiXiT programme, held before and jointly with the 2016 meeting of the European Society for Textual Scholarship and directly...

Little England; or, On Not Applying for Jobs in Britain

9 October 2016

For those unawares, the United Kingdom voted narrowly in a June 2016 referendum to leave the European Union. According to the BBC, turnout was 72%, with 51.9% voting to leave and 48.1%...

MLA 2017 – Knowledge Infrastructures in the Humanities

3 March 2016

Knowledge Infrastructures in the Humanities What are the knowledge infrastructures, both material and social, that underlie the everyday work of knowledge creation that we undertake...

MLA Executive Council #3: Statement on Matters of Professional Concern

20 July 2015

Continuing with the idea of using this blog to expand, even slightly, the process of my running for MLA Executive Council, I’ve posted some materials below. The first round of...