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The Exile by Don Jacobson

24 June 2017

It's a pleasure to welcome Don Jacobson, author of The Exile: Kitty Bennet and the Belle Époque! ---oOo--- Of Pride & Prejudice, Supporting Characters,...

Gadding About All Over

19 June 2017

From saucy kings to Jane Austen, wild boys and insane monarchs strapped to punishment chairs, I'm talking about all thing long 18th this year; come along and have a listen!Catherine's...

The Scandalous George IV

14 June 2017

Join me for a look at the scandalous love life of George IV in the gorgeous Cannon Hall! Tickets Join us for an evening of tales from author Catherine Curzon on the marriage of George...

An Orphan of the Regiment

6 June 2017

It's my pleasure to welcome Jude Knight, to discuss the fate of children born to camp followers in the Peninsular War. Don't forget to leave a comment for your chance to win an eBook...