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The Salon's Summer Break

13 August 2017

As is tradition here on Gin Lane, the salon is closing its doors for my summer gadding; I shall return in September, never fear!I shall be attending a whole host of events during September...

Playing Cards with Jane Austen

4 August 2017

It's my pleasure to let you know of a new Kickstarter project, celebrating Jane Austen! ---oOo--- Eric Ligon is a graphic designer/typographer and Associate Dean at the University...

Jane Austen and Seduction

1 August 2017

It's a pleasure to welcome Meg Kerr for a look at seduction in the works of Jane Austen, and a cheeky quiz all about Austen's seductive scenes!---oOo--- Hello readers of Madame Gilflurt!...

Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink

25 July 2017

It's a pleasure to welcome Monica Hall, author of A Visitor's Guide to Georgian England, for a look into the murky matter of Georgian water...---oOo--- Water, water, everywhere Nor...