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Isaac Hollandus

24 March 2017

J. Hollandus,Chymische Schriften, (Vienna: 1773) In early 1603, Glassmaker Antonio Neri traveled from Italy to Flanders, to visit his friend Emmanuel Ximenes....


22 March 2017

Small amphora in aventurine glass ” Murano, Salviati. With all its glitz and sparkle, aventurine (avventurina) stands out as a flamboyant extrovert among the varieties of glass...

Arminia Vivarini

20 March 2017

Nef Ewer, Late 16th century, Murano Italy. Courtesy Milwaukee Art Museum On the afternoon of Friday, 22 March 1521, The Venetian Senate - then called the ‘Pregadi’ - reconvened...

Rise and Fall

17 March 2017

"Merry Company," (1623) Gerard van Honthorst The first decade of the seventeenth century was a golden era for glass in Tuscany. The Venetian techniques brought to the region by Grand...