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San Giusto alle Mura

26 June 2017

Window of  Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral, Florence, Italy. In Florence, at the very end of the street on which Antonio Neri spent his youth, Borgo Pinti, was the residence...


23 June 2017

Montpellier, France, in the seventeenth century. (Attribution unknown) Montpellier is an old city in southern France. It stands about halfway between Marseille and the Spanish border...

Vitrum Flexile

21 June 2017

Roman Emperor Tiberius - Glass paste cameo  c 20ACE by "Herophilos, Son of Dioskurides" In the first century CE, references appear in the literature for a malleable form of glass...

The Material of All Enamels

19 June 2017

Léonard Limosin, Allegory of Catherine de' Medici as Juno, French, 1573, Polychrome enamel  on copper and silver. In L'Arte Vetraria, Antonio Neri's recipe book on...