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Confessor to an Alchemist

20 October 2017

View of Badia Fiesolana - Gaspar Van Wittel called 'Vanvitelli' (1652/3-1736) (Click  to enlarge) Early seventeenth century  Catholic priest Antonio Neri is remembered for...

Lake of Flowers

18 October 2017

'The Miracle of the Immobility of Santa Lucia' Leandro Bassano, using Florentine lakes. In the final part of Antonio Neri's 1612 book on glassmaking, [1] he presents several recipes...

The Glassmaker and the Astronomer

16 October 2017

Portrait of Galileo Galilei, 1636 (detail), by Justus Sustermans (1597-1681). Galileo Galilei lived almost simultaneously with glassmaker and alchemist Antonio Neri. Both were employed...

San Giovanni

13 October 2017

"Florence - Church of San Giovanni, the Baptistry", Photo: Giacomo Brogi (1822-1881). The San Giovanni Baptistery stands in the heart of Florence, directly in front of the city's...