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21 August 2017

Vintage 1920's Water Glass Label. The temperature of 1500 degrees (825 C) was comfortably within reach of seventeenth century glassmakers like Antonio Neri. It was also achievable...

Fire and Brimstone

18 August 2017

The Alchemical Symbol for Sulfur Bright yellow elemental sulfur or “brimstone” as it was often called, occupied a central place in the cabinets of seventeenth century alchemists....

The Dregs of Alchemy

16 August 2017

"The struggle of fixed and volatile"  allegorical illustration from Splendor solis [detail] 16th C. To 17th century Italian glassmaker and alchemist Antonio Neri, "Dregs"...

Glass Salt

14 August 2017

Diderot, d'Alembert, L'Encyclopédie (1772) Raking Out Roasted Frit Making glass from raw materials involves several steps. In his 1612 book on glassmaking, L'Arte...