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Women’s History Month – Elisabeth von Nassau-Saarbrucken

7 March 2017

How were medieval noble women involved in the transmission of secular literature? Stephanie Hathaway shares an example with us to celebrate Women’s History Month. The Chanson...

Listening to the Gaoler’s Daughter

25 January 2017

From whence come ideas? Kendra Leonard explores the origins of her new article (now live on the Cerae website) in this guest blog. My article about song and meaning in The Two...

Cross-Cultural Exchange in the Renaissance

2 December 2016

Behind every great book likes an even greater culture. In her new article (now live on the Cerae website), Lisa Tagliaferri explores the intricate relationship between text and translation...

Ulrike Draesner’s Nibelungen . Heimsuchung – Book Launch

21 November 2016

How has the Nibelungenlied inspired modern poet Ulrike Draesner’s new book? Stephanie Hathaway attended the book launch this November.  Tuesday evening, New College, Oxford...