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Teaching Anne Bradstreet through deformance

31 August 2017

This evening in EN340 is the first class of full-on literary analysis, and we are reading several of Anne Bradstreet’s poems. I love starting with Bradstreet in this class because...

Demo Timeline: Evelina

4 May 2017

Have you used Timeline JS to recreate a novel with enriched digital resources? I am testing what this might look like in an epistolary context, using Frances Burney’s Evelina. By...

Major Women Writers: London, Chawton, Bath

28 February 2017

Next week my upper-division writing intensive literature class on women writers before Austen is going to the UK for an extended Spring Break field trip. We’ll be spending the...

@AustenSays twitter bot

6 November 2016

I “made” my first bot, with @zachwhalen‘s google sheets script! @AustenSays — Tonya Howe (@howet) April 7, 2016 With the help of Zach Whalen’s extraordinarily...