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How to Watch an Eclipse Safely, 1579 and 1658

20 August 2017

Eclipse of 1664 (British Library 1875.d.4) "Whosoever desyres to see the Sun eclipsed without hurting their eyes: Let them beholde the shadow therof in a vessel, wherin oyle is put:...

How to Beautify Your Face, 166

14 August 2017

The Gentlewomans Companion, 1682 "An Ointment that takes away all Bunchings and Speckles of the Face. Take of the roots of Ass-cowcumber, white Been, Bryony, Lupines, each half an...

How to Make Fireworks, 1633

3 July 2017

“Of the making of Rockets and other Fireworkes. For the making of Rockets of sundry kinds, divers molds are to be made, with their Rowling pins, Breathes, Chargers, &c. as...

How to Make Fake Coffee, 1868

21 June 2017

"Nutritive Coffee," 1862, Library of Congress Coffee Substitutes.  The love of coffee is an acquired taste. Perhaps nine tenths of the families using it ‘burn’ it...