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How to Improve Your Memory, 156

8 May 2017

Margarita Philosophica Nova (1508), Wellcome Library "To sleepe hosed and shoed especially with foule sockes, doth hinder the Memorie, because of the reflection of the vapours: feebleth...

How to Study, 1636

13 April 2017

Ramelli, Le diverse et artificiose machine (1588) “The best time for studie is early in the morning, when the Planets be favourable to our purpose… Diligent students…...

How to Care For Your Teeth, 1613

16 March 2017

L. van Leyden, A Tooth Drawer, 1523 (Wellcome Library) "To keepe and preserve the teeth cleane. First if they bee very yellow and filthie, or blackish, let a Barber scoure, rubbe,...

How to Express Your Feelings, 1689

14 February 2017

Facepalm Cupid, Andrea Alciato, Emblematum Liber (1534) Excerpts from The Theatre of Compliments, Or, A Compleat New Academy: Expressions of Love and Friendship of Men towards...