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How to Make Fake Coffee, 1868

21 June 2017

"Nutritive Coffee," 1862, Library of Congress Coffee Substitutes.  The love of coffee is an acquired taste. Perhaps nine tenths of the families using it ‘burn’ it...

How to Interpret Dreams, 1698

14 June 2017

The World Turn'd Upside Down, 1647 "To dream that you:  Have your Arm dried up, is very unfortunate.Have a little Beard, shews Suits at Law.Go over a Ditch upon a small Plank,...

How to Eat Avocados, 1891

30 May 2017

“But how is it to be eaten? ... A few simple rules are so necessary for the proper enjoyment of this delicacy... In the first place, it is a rich article, and should be eaten...

How to Improve Your Memory, 156

8 May 2017

Margarita Philosophica Nova (1508), Wellcome Library "To sleepe hosed and shoed especially with foule sockes, doth hinder the Memorie, because of the reflection of the vapours: feebleth...