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How to Dress Warmly, 1315

12 October 2017

Lyon, Bibliothèque municipale, MS 5128, f. 114v “Dress well, wear good shoes, and when you go outside, wear overshoes so that your feet will be warm. And don’t...

How to Spend October, 161

28 September 2017

Tacuinum Sanitatis, Paris, BnF Lat. 9333, f. 96r "In October... Arme your body soundly with pleasant wines or spiced drinks against the ensuing Winter. Arme your minde with study,...

How to Behave at School, 1479

7 September 2017

Hortus sanitatis (1497), Darmstadt " We order and decree that teachers and students who are wearers of indecent garments, brawlers, drunks, nighttime ramblers, pimps, thieves, frequenters...

How to Watch an Eclipse Safely, 1579 and 1658

20 August 2017

Eclipse of 1664 (British Library 1875.d.4) "Whosoever desyres to see the Sun eclipsed without hurting their eyes: Let them beholde the shadow therof in a vessel, wherin oyle is put:...