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How to Prevent Drunkenness, 161

11 December 2017

"A Looking-Glass for Drunkards," 17th c. "Shew me a way how a man may drinke much wine and yet not be drunke. To drinke great store of wine, and not to be drunke, you must eate of...

How to Prepare a Humble Feast, 1638

17 November 2017

Mattia Giegher, Li tre trattati (1629) “Now for a more humble feast, or an ordinary proportion which any good man may keepe in his family for the entertainment of his true and...

How to Dress Warmly, 1315

12 October 2017

Lyon, Bibliothèque municipale, MS 5128, f. 114v “Dress well, wear good shoes, and when you go outside, wear overshoes so that your feet will be warm. And don’t...

How to Spend October, 161

28 September 2017

Tacuinum Sanitatis, Paris, BnF Lat. 9333, f. 96r "In October... Arme your body soundly with pleasant wines or spiced drinks against the ensuing Winter. Arme your minde with study,...