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Project Event: Intoxicants and Politics Past and Present

8 September 2016

Wellcome Library, London (CC BY 4.0) and Wikimedia Commons. Palace of Westminster Monday 10 October 2016 One of our key research themes is intoxicants, politics, and governance....

Using Your Noggin: Identifying Intoxicating Objects

5 September 2016

Mug Shot: Getting hands-on with a surviving artefact from Chester. As the project nears its conclusion, and with data collection from manuscript sources now complete, we’re starting...

Project Workshop: Intoxication, Discourse, and Practice

28 July 2016

Wellcome Library, London (CC BY 4.0). Humanities Research Institute, University of Sheffield Friday 30 September – Saturday 1 October 2016 Organised by Professor Phil Withington and...

All Things Considered: Intoxicants in Probate Inventories, 1580-174

10 June 2016

Details from ‘Interior of an Inn’, by Robyn van der Goes. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam (CC0 1.0 Universal). Since completing our work on governance late last year, between January...