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Marquis de Lafayette and His Affair with AglaƩ of Hunolstein

23 March 2017

Today we are delighted to welcome back the author, Geri Walton. Geri has long been interested in history and fascinated by the stories of people from the 1700 and 1800s. This led...

A Right Royal Scandal:Two Marriages That Changed History

21 March 2017

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce for our followers in the US that our latest book, A Right Royal Scandal: Two Marriages That Changed History, has just been launched...

Fortune-Telling using Moles

16 March 2017

Yes, this is folklore, unless anyone can confirm otherwise, and no, we are not talking about the small furry creature kind of moles! These are often referred to as birth marks or beauty...

Fashionable Blues of the 18th century

14 March 2017

No-one seems quite sure how the colour blue became associated with the feeling of sadness, some say its origins lay back in Greek mythology whilst others say it has links to the devil....