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There’s nothing like washing your dirty linen in public!

25 April 2017

Which is exactly what happened in this case. Portrait of Edward Weld of Lulworth Castle, in a garden, a statue of Minerva beyond , 1761. Attributed to Adriaen Carpentiers (1739–1778)Edward...

Guest Post : Elizabeth Gibson, née Smith (1646-1692), ‘My Dear Wife’

20 April 2017

Today, we are honoured to have Sara visit our blog, so bear with us while we travel slightly further back in time with her whilst she tells us the story of one early modern woman. Sara’s...

18th century paper and snuff box making

18 April 2017

Today the majority of  us rely on computers, tablets, mobile phones etc. for communication, but obviously such things did not exist in the eighteenth-century when – shock...

How did the Georgians socialize at Easter?

13 April 2017

With Easter almost here, we would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter and share with you some snippets about the way Georgians spent their Easter with some extracts from the newspapers...