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A summer reading selection: green men, sovereigns, moles and bawds

27 July 2017

We are taking our annual summer holiday from blogging and so this will be our last post until September when we will be back with plenty of new posts and some exciting news (we have...

The Jockey Club and the 2nd Earl of Godolphin (1678-1766)

25 July 2017

Now, we will begin this article with a ‘rider’ (excuse the pun); we freely admit to knowing about as much as you could write of the back of a postage stamp on the subject...

Dennis O’Kelly and his horse ‘Eclipse’

20 July 2017

For those of you who read our recent post ‘The Mysterious Marriages of Thomas Nelson’ you may have noticed the name Charlotte Hayes aka O’Kelly, well, for those who...

A chance discovery or a red herring: is this another portrait of Grace Dalrymple Elliott?

18 July 2017

The earliest known portrait of the infamous eighteenth-century courtesan, Grace Dalrymple Elliott is a miniature painted by Richard Cosway around the time of her marriage to Dr (later...