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Signs & signals used by the members of the Society of Freemasons 1724

18 May 2017

As part of our research for our next book we briefly delved into the secret world of the freemasonry, specifically, Bartholomew Ruspini and his acquaintances. Bartholomew Ruspini. Stipple...

The death of Grace Dalrymple Elliott, 15th May 1823

15 May 2017

The 15th of May marks the anniversary of the death of Grace Dalrymple Elliott, eighteenth-century courtesan and mother of the Prince of Wales’ reputed daughter. Grace’s...

‘Lover’s Leap’, Derbyshire

11 May 2017

Just outside the village of Eyam, in the Peak District lies the village of Stoney Middleton where, according to folklore, in 1762 a young woman by the name of Hannah Baddeley, who was...

The Mysterious Marriages of Thomas Nelson

9 May 2017

Charlotte Hayes, née Ward, aka O’Kelly was a highly successful Georgian brothel keeper and for those of you watching the TV series Harlots you will know her as the character,...