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The ghost in the machine

26 March 2017

The ghost of Hamlet’s father in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, The Story of the Play Concisely Told with 55 Illustrations from the Cinematograph Film (1913). From the Folger...

Shakespeare: The Game

28 February 2017

This month I’m in residence at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, DC, home to the largest collection of Shakespeare-related materials in the world. I’m in heaven!...

Why I blog

31 January 2017

I’ve been thinking lately about why I originally set up this blog, and why, more than three years later, I continue to post on it. In the very early days I think I was looking...

Emotion and the arts: CfP and research network

28 November 2016

Dear friends, a post that isn’t explicitly digital, but that certainly doesn’t exclude it either– Along with Dr Marie Louise Herzfeld-Schild, I’m hoping...