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Spiralling: teaching undergraduate digital literary studies

20 September 2016

Corporal Trim’s spiral, from Tristram Shandy. Courtesy was a privilege to be invited to deliver a keynote talk at the...

My childhood and computers

2 June 2016

I was 9 in 1969 and a child of the Apollo moon-landings, the film 2001 A Space Odyssey (more of which later), and TV. The time is significant because between then and my early teenage...

1748: ‘Fiction’ in the Database:

24 March 2016

Not so long ago I was reviewing a lecture I regularly present to students studying Samuel Richardson’s Clarissa. Looking back, I had no idea that this would lead me to speculate...

Bring your laptop: BSECS 2016 session

8 January 2016

The following post contains links and materials used for the demonstration workshop ‘Bring your laptop: working with digital texts from the Text Creation Partnership’. Presentation...