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C.J. Grant after Hogarth c.1833

10 August 2017

The popularity of Hogarth’s works remained undiminished in Britain in the hundred years that followed his death in 1764. Prints taken from Hogarth’s own plates remained...

The Able Doctor in Freebetter’s Almanack, 1776

26 July 2017

This woodcut engraved caricature was used as a frontispiece to the 1776 edition of Freebetter’s New England Almanack. It is a copy of an English caricature entitled The...

Raven after Boilly, Les Cinq Sens, Snuffbox c.1825

5 July 2017

This papier-mâché snuff box has been decorated with a copy of Louis-Leopold Boilly’s Les cinq sens [The Five Senses], one of ninety-six lithographic plates...

Prints for sale

18 June 2017

  I’ve added a couple of new items to the ‘for sale’ section of the site. Click on the link above, or just click HERE, and scroll to the bottom of the page to...