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The Shocking Case of Count Fig

13 March 2017

The summer of 1789 heralded the arrival of dark days for many in Britain: revolution in France, the Russians were on the march in the east, and the swearing in of an American president...

Print for sale: An Emblematical view of the Constitutions of England & France c.1793

21 February 2017

I’m offering this unusual little print for sale via my listings page. Click on the link at the top of the page for further details. It provides an allegorical comparison between...

Romeyn de Hooghe, l’Europe Allarmee pour le fils d’un meunier, 1688/89

20 February 2017

The Dutch artist and engraver Romeyn de Hooghe (1645 – 1708) has been described as the “first great modern graphic satirist” by the historian Simon Schama, who credited...

The Brother to the Moon’s Visit to the Court of Queen Vic, 184

13 February 2017

Here’s another item that falls outside of the period with which this blog normally concerns itself but is nevertheless interesting enough to warrant a closer look. The Brother...