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Reform Act Banner c.183

13 December 2017

Here’s something you don’t see every day. It’s a hand-drawn political banner advocating the cause of parliamentary reform. It was probably produced during the early...

Tythe in Kind; or the Sow’s Revenge

19 November 2017

An interesting example of a satirical print engraved by the poet and printmaker William Blake (1757 – 1827) during the early years of his career. It is one of six plates that...

“A Prize of £30,000 Huzza!” Caricaturing a royal wedding on creamware

5 November 2017

Everyone loves a royal wedding right? Well, if you were living in Britain in 1816 then your love of all things regal may well have been tempered by the fact that you were probably unemployed,...

James Gillray, John Bull Roasted, c.1807

23 September 2017

The image of the nation as a great ox being slowly roasted for consumption by members of the government is one which appears to have occupied James Gillray’s mind on a number...