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Black Africans in Renaissance Europe

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Runnymede 'Our Migration Story' Wins Award

27 September 2017

Delighted to read that Runnymede 'Our Migration Story' web site is joint winner of the the Research Champion category in the Community Integration Awards 2017. My contribution was an...

Tiziano Vecelli and Oswald Boateng: Two Masters of Colour for the Brown Body

11 July 2017

Titian and Colour Portrait of Laura Dianti & Diana and Actaeon Whilst selecting the pictures for a tour of the National Gallery part of  The Image of the Black in London Galleries...

Unknown Black Portraits in a London Pub

14 April 2017

Not the Renaissance but ....... I’d forgotten pubs as idiosyncratically British as The Harp at Covent Garden still existed,  the Harp, was  especially interesting...

John Blanke Plaque at Greenwich Naval College ?

11 February 2017

Following my visit to Greenwich Naval College visitors centre yesterday I am pleased to report that the BBC's  Black and British : A Forgotten History plaque to commemorate John...