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Black Africans in Renaissance Europe

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Unknown Black Portraits in a London Pub

14 April 2017

Not the Renaissance but ....... I’d forgotten pubs as idiosyncratically British as The Harp at Covent Garden still existed,  the Harp, was  especially interesting...

John Blanke Plaque at Greenwich Naval College ?

11 February 2017

Following my visit to Greenwich Naval College visitors centre yesterday I am pleased to report that the BBC's  Black and British : A Forgotten History plaque to commemorate John...

Black Magus - BBC Radio 3 The Essay

24 December 2016

Very much enjoyed Prof Robert Blackford’s analysis of the black Magus of BBC Radio 3. Black Magus The Essay, BBC Radio 3 Christmas Close Up Episode 4 of 5 Excellent mix of...

The Hipster Nativity

27 November 2016

I was delighted when the Hipster Nativity was brought to my attention in a CNBC article. Really works for me,  especially with its black magus and the kings looking very cool on...