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What does the Prologue say?

15 March 2016

I taught Romeo and Juliet again this fall in ninth-grade English, after a bit of internal argument: should I choose a different play? Was I in danger of “phoning in” my...

The Cumberbatch Hamlet and the missing rogue’s gallery

17 October 2015

Like many, many other people (judging from buzz and cinema ticket sales), on Thursday night I went to see the Barbican’s recent production of Hamlet with Benedict Cumberbatch...

Want a really authentic Shakespeare experience? Try not understanding some words!

8 October 2015

At our recent Back-to-School Night, the parent of a former student wanted to know what I thought of a recent article he’d read about whether Shakespeare’s language should...

Macbeth, drunken hope, and the problem with No Fear Shakespeare

23 March 2015

This is a longer post than usual, because it’s an issue I’ve been thinking about for years, every time I teach Shakespeare to students who are unfamiliar with the plays: why I don’t...