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Gimcrack gets last laugh

6 March 2017

They laughed at Sir Nicholas Gimcrack, a late-seventeenth-century virtuoso, for his scheme of bottling fresh air from around England, storing his stock like wine in a wine cellar, and...

New Project on Sir Hans Sloane's Manuscript Catalogues

4 November 2016

We are delighted to hear news of Enlightenment Architectures: Sir Hans Sloane's Catalogues of His Collections, a new research project based at the British Museum in collaboration with...

The Cabinet of Curiosities as Knowledge Environment

16 December 2015

In my work on INKE: Implementing New Knowledge Environments (, much of my focus was on the history of the book as a knowledge environment and its implications for the way...

Modelling Multi-Level Engagement with Cabinets of Curiosities

31 October 2015

The first question we should ask when putting cultural heritage material (or any material) on the Web is, what will the Web allow us to do that would be difficult in a different context?...