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June Blogroll: PDX Summer Shakespeares Edition

23 June 2017

¶ Dear readers, ¶ After the 400th anniversary celebrations, one would assume it likely that Shakespeare performances might wane. After all, we did have the Cultural Olympiad,...

I’ve won a prize!

21 May 2017

¶ Dear Readers, ¶ I’m excited to say that the Medieval and Renaissance Drama Society (MRDS) has awarded an essay of mine with the Barbara K. Palmer prize! Many...

May Blogroll: Digital Bibliography Edition

16 May 2017

¶ Dear readers, ¶ As a researcher, the internet and the mass of digital projects in recent years has evened the playing field unlike that of any previous generation. The out-pouring...

April Blogroll: News-Cubed Edition

27 April 2017

¶ Dear readers: ¶ Back in August, I published a blogroll focusing on a series of Shakespeare-related news events. They happen, but not typically in quite such a bunch…so...