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April Blogroll: News-Cubed Edition

27 April 2017

¶ Dear readers: ¶ Back in August, I published a blogroll focusing on a series of Shakespeare-related news events. They happen, but not typically in quite such a bunch…so...

WhatsApp and Hand-Tats: My Brief History with Writing Groups

13 April 2017

I gave the following talk as part of the 18th Annual Pacific Authors Celebration on 13 April 2017. It was hosted by the Pacific University Libraries and presented alongside an exhibit...

Meeting in Atlanta: #ShakeAss17

30 March 2017

¶ Dear readers, ¶ I realized, looking at previous posts leading up to the Annual Meeting of the Shakespeare Association of America—fondly referred to by those in the...

OPSF: “The Comedy of Errors” in Salem, OR

23 March 2017

Give her this key, and tell her, in the desk That’s cover’d o’er with Turkish tapestry, There is a purse of ducats; let her send it: Tell her I am arrested in...