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Miscellanies, a Disappearing Poet and a Metaphysical Jester

2 March 2017

When does a commonplace book become a miscellany? When does a miscellany become a text book and when is John Donne not a metaphysical poet? In the eighteenth century, that’s when....

Dutch Politics in the Sheffield Vaults

10 February 2017

Making a pointOn a superb visit to Western Bank Library’s Special Collections – hosted by the wonderful archivist, Amanda Bernstein – we went to the deepest darkest...

Lost Books

11 January 2017

SCEMS member and occasional book historian Dr Iona Hine offers some reflections based on her recent review of Lost Books (ed. Andrew Pettegree & Flavia Bruni; Leiden: Brill, 2016)...

Jonson in Sheffield: as it happened

17 November 2016

Last weekend, Sheffield Centre for Early Modern Studies hosted a celebration of Ben Jonson and the 400th anniversary of his Workes. With more than a dozen people presenting, this was...