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The use of distilled medicine in England in the early 15th century

22 June 2017

Twitter is useful for finding out what others are researching. This is a good example: A blog post from the useful and interesting Recipes project....

Turning lead into silver, part 1

8 June 2017

Searching through the Ferguson Collection in Glasgow has been interesting, and turned up a variety of manuscripts related to my interests. Okay, some are in Italian, or are illegible,...

Alchemy related book review – Dragon’s blood and Willow Bark by Toni Mount

6 March 2017

So I thought I’d do a partial book review, covering my area of expertise. The victim this time is Toni Mount. Don’t worry, she is far superior to Jonathan Hughes, and her...

To practise your observational skills – The differences between a medieval original picture and a 17th century copy

22 February 2017

A while ago Chem Heritage Foundation tweeted a picture of one of the drawings from Elias Ashmole’s 17th century copy of Thomas Norton’s Ordinal of the 1470’s. This...