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British Tars, 1740-1790

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The Profane laying hands on the Over Righteous, c1776-1785

26 April 2017

The Profane Laying Hands on the Over Righteous, Robert Sayer, c1776-1784, British Museum.Sayer proudly proclaims that this print is "a real scene on Tower Hill." Robert Dighton, the...

The Antigallican Spirit, 1750's-60's

24 April 2017

The Antigallican Spirit, Thomas Ewart, c.1750's-60's, British Museum."Would Statesmen but this Picture View-" begins Ewart's inscription on this engraving, "Wear Hearts as honest and...

The Sailor & Purser, 1788

19 April 2017

The Sailor & Purser, J. Cole, 1788, Washington State University 18th Century Street Ballads.Jack Black, the common tar in this broadside, loses his cool when the ship's purser makes...

Naval Agent's Trade Card, c.1779-83

17 April 2017

Naval agent's trade card, engraved by W. Jones, c.1779-83, British Museum.Edward Hooper made his living as a prize agent. When legitimate vessels (both civilian and naval) were...