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British Tars, 1740-1790

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Drawing, c1745

21 March 2017

Drawing, Paul Sandby, c1745, British Museum.Thanks to Adam Hodges-LeClaire for pointing out this piece to me.This drawing is one of a series done by Sandby in and around Edinburgh in...

A Man of War's Boat, date unknown

13 March 2017

A Man of War's Boat, Paul Sandby, date unknown, British Museum.This sketch by Paul Sandby is a simple piece. Officers are gathered in the stern of a barge, and the oarsmen (uniform...

Jemmy's Farewell and Jemmy's Return, 1781-1785

10 March 2017

Jemmy's Farewell, John Hodges Benwell, 1781-1785, British Museum. Jemmy's Return, John Hodges Benwell, 1780's, British Museum.These illustrations were meant to accompany the...

The Dissolution of P___t, c1774

8 March 2017

The Dissolution of P___t, artist unknown, c1774, American Antiquarian Society.Members of Parliament are making haste on a special coach designed explicitly to carry them to their 'Corrupted...