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The Portsmouth Assembly House, Part III

3 March 2017

A Master of Ceremonies Sarah Goodwin packs her short remembrances of the Assembly House with details that bring the building and the inhabitants of late 18th and early 19th century...

The Portsmouth Assembly House, Part II

28 February 2017

Upper Hall,  Bath Part II, The Assembly: In this section Sarah writes about the Assembly. Based on her age, some of the descriptions might have told to her by her mother, as...

The Portsmouth Assembly House, Part I

24 February 2017

The divided Assembly House in 1938 While researching social dancing in Portsmouth, NH in the first half of the 18th century, I came across a reference to a personal remembrance of the...

A Georgian Vignette

25 December 2016

Fancy a little Sunday tea with this glam Georgian couple - 1760s style? Peering into this fabulous vignette makes one feel a trifle voyeuristic, inspecting the sumptuous clothing,...