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Coherence and Inclusion in the Life Writing of Romantic-period London

3 April 2017

The first article that I wrote arising from this project, ‘Coherence and Inclusion in the Life Writing of Romantic-period London’, has just been published in a special issue...

Keats, and What’s Happening

1 November 2016

The area around No. 8 Dean Street, where John Keats lived briefly in 1816 I’ve been a bit delayed in moving forward with Romantic London due to my relocating to take up a new...


21 May 2016

I’ve been having a bit to trouble with the back end of the site over the past month, but I’ve now resolved these issues, so over the next few weeks the site’s content...

Pierce Egan’s Life in London

6 March 2016

After a period of relative quiet, I should be able to make a number of updates to the site over the next few months.  The British Library is currently in the process of scanning...