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John Tallis’s London Street Views

26 May 2017

A piece of mine called ‘Transformation and Specialization in London and its Topography’ has just been published by the Journal of Victorian Culture; this is part...

Picturing Places and the 1819 Plan

9 May 2017

The British Library has recently launched Picturing Places, a new resource exploring its rich topographical holdings.  Many of the images used on this site – including the...

Coherence and Inclusion in the Life Writing of Romantic-period London

3 April 2017

The first article that I wrote arising from this project, ‘Coherence and Inclusion in the Life Writing of Romantic-period London’, has just been published in a special issue...

Keats, and What’s Happening

1 November 2016

The area around No. 8 Dean Street, where John Keats lived briefly in 1816 I’ve been a bit delayed in moving forward with Romantic London due to my relocating to take up a new...