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Review: Jane Lead and her Transnational Legacy

23 January 2017

Jane Lead and the Philadelphian Society are not particularly well known figures to most scholars of late 17th- and early 18th-century religion. Born in 1624, Lead experienced a spiritual...

Life in the Wilderness: Ten Tips for Surviving in Academia as an ECR

22 September 2016

This blog post is intended for PhD students and early career academics. Since passing my viva (see blog post here) in January, I've learnt many things about the job market, current...

Conference Report: Reformation Studies Colloquium, Newcastle

18 September 2016

The Reformation Studies Colloquium took place in Newcastle between Wednesday 14th and Friday 16th September. The event was well attended and featured speakers from a variety of countries....

The Theosophical Transactions of the Philadelphians (No. 3)

8 August 2016

The third volume of the Philadelphian's Theosophical  The movement faces its first criticisms  Transactions reveals that the enthusiasm present in the first and second volumes...