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Vesalius in Wonderland

31 May 2017

Last month, artist Lisa Temple-Cox had a residency at Oregon State for two weeks as part of the Horning Series on “The Material Body” that I organized this academic year....

Demystifying the NSF Process

11 May 2017

In the latest issue of the History of Science Society Newsletter, I talked about how historians of science can, and should, apply for research grants from the National Science...

Sup on a Syllabub

29 December 2016

I cannot resist this post from the National Library of Medicine’s excellent blog, Circulating Now. Circulating Now By Anne Rothfeld Les Mangeurs de Glaces, 1825NLM #A021418...

The Corpse Walk: Paris, 166

16 September 2016

[This is excerpted from the talk I gave at the New York Academy of Medicine on 13 September 2016, which was itself excerpted from my book The Courtiers’ Anatomists] Under cover...