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New France and Indigenous Agency in the Hudson Bay Watershed

10 October 2017

Scott Berthelette Throughout the 1730s and 1740s, the French established a series of forts northwest of Lake Superior in present-day Northwestern Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Minnesota,...

North to Bondage: Loyalist Slavery in the Maritimes–A Review

25 September 2017

Christopher C. Jones Harvey Amani Whitfield, North to Bondage: Loyalist Slavery in the Maritimes (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2016).  The lone Canadian student enrolled in my course...

The First Book: Advice From Someone Barely Qualified To Give It

11 September 2017

Jeffers Lennox Having a first-time author give advice about publishing a book is kind of like having a new parent offer tips on surviving an infant. In both cases, the person is likely...

Le défi du chercheur bilingue dans un monde académique qui ne l’est pas

31 July 2017

Joseph Gagné [For any reader who will not understand my French text, I apologize. This barrier illustrates exactly the problem I describe in the following.] Il y a un an, je...