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What to do with Edward Colston

26 February 2017

There’s a very interesting article by David Olusoga in today’s Observer, ‘Bristol’s Colston Hall is an affront to a multicultural city. Let’s rename it...

New Age Historiography

25 July 2016

I think a reckoning is coming. A big moment that will transform the way we think about historical knowledge and the historian’s role in acquiring it. After four big moments in...

On Parochialism

10 June 2016

On Tuesday, William Hague said something that really hit a nerve. After giving a speech on behalf of the EU ‘Remain’ side (don’t worry, this isn’t a post...

How should we assess History*?

23 May 2016

*Or, ‘All Roads Lead to the Dissertation’. Its exam marking time so assessment is on everybody’s mind at the moment – but how often do we stop to consider...