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The bone-breaking sneeze

26 March 2017

I recently wrote about a case of deafness believed to have been caused by a kiss – but here’s another story – rather more plausible – about a man who broke a...

The dentist who made the blind see

23 March 2017

One interesting aspect of nineteenth-century medicine is the fact that many clinicians were convinced that every ailment could be traced ultimately to the same cause. Some were sure...

The snuff-eating nose centipede

21 March 2017

Here’s an alarming pair of cases reported in the first volume of the Medical Essays and Observations, published in 1764: A woman of a good heal constitution, and about thirty-six...

Deafened by a kiss

17 March 2017

Some injuries recorded in the medical literature were not the result of some ghastly accident, but had an apparently innocuous cause. Here’s an example from the Archives of Otology,...