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The pea pod polyp

11 December 2017

In December 1761 a leading French journal, the Journal of Medicine, Surgery and Pharmacy, published a splendid little article by a surgeon from Bordeaux, a Monsieur Renard. The headline...

The foot-long bladder stone

8 December 2017

This short article appeared in a Norfolk local newspaper, the Norwich Gazette, on June 7th 1746: On Sunday last was cut for the stone by Mr. John Harmer, John Howse, gardener, from...

The lucky Prussian

5 December 2017

Maximilian Joseph von Chelius was a prominent 19th-century German surgeon who had a significant influence on medics right across Europe. His lectures were frequently quoted in the London...

In hospital for 34 years

27 November 2017

In December 1886 the Cincinnati Enquirer published an exclusive from its New York correspondent. He had uncovered an amazing story at one of the city’s hospitals – the death...