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1814: Murder or manslaughter? The trial of Mary Ann Adlam

12 December 2017

After researching so many women who were sent to the gallows, 1 sometimes for non-violent crimes or for murders that arisen out of years of abuse, it was heartening to read this story...


10 December 2017

GEOGRAPH Geograph is a personal favourite of mine. Whenever I write a story about a place in Britain or Ireland that I am unfamiliar go first to Google Maps and have a little reccie....

Abduction and Rape in 18th-Century London: The Multiple Misfortunes of Charlotte Williams by Joanne Major and Sarah Murden

28 November 2017

I am thrilled to host a post by Joanne Major and Sarah Murden, two stars of the Georgian Era blogging cosmos, whose supersleuthing on myriad fascinating subjects at All Things Georgian have...

Five scenes of children playing

19 November 2017

Our children are grown up and have left home but I keep out some of their toys just in case a child visits us. I miss shopping for children’s playthings. Perhaps, as we head for...