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1818: The murder of a gamekeeper at Crockingham Corner, Epsom

27 June 2017

Footprints and their meaning played a central role in my latest writing project, a murder trial in 1817. The underlying issue at the trial was how much weight should be given to...

A voyage to nowhere: On board the Justitia prison hulk at Woolwich

24 June 2017

Research on my latest project looking into an unsolved murder in the 1810s has led me to the prison hulks in the Thames. Life on these obsolete, mastless ships was miserable, with no...

The trial of John Motherhill for the rape of Catherine Wade: 1786

1 June 2017

To state the obvious, rape trials in the Georgian era were stacked against the victim (plus ça change, I hear you murmur). The trial was all about her and what she did rather...

Suspicious death of a female on Fulham Bridge: 28 September 1817

29 May 2017

While researching my third book for Pen & Sword – which is about a rape-murder during the Regency period – I have been looking at other deaths and...