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Finding a home for Macintosh

19 July 2017

The Google Street View image of Rue des Trois Testons, the possible location of Macintosh’s Avignon town house. Since my return from Avignon, I have been working with Dr Emily...

Team Macintosh 2.0 reflect on their placement

13 July 2017

Team Macintosh 2.0 (Sam Thatcher, left, and Rhys Gazeres de Baradieux, right) at work transcribing Macintosh’s correspondence. For the past two weeks Rhys Gazeres de Baradieux...

Reflections on a week at the coalface

16 June 2017

Palais des Papes at sunset. After a busy week of archival and library research I have made good headway in understanding and reconstructing Macintosh’s lost library. Of its c....

The ugly truth

15 June 2017

Extract from a letter dated 15 February 1772 in which Macintosh commissions branding irons with which to mark his slaves. Bibliothèque Ceccano MS.1297. I have written before...