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Women’s Music Manuscripts

13 October 2017

Myself and Mark Empey are currently making final revisions to an essay on women’s book ownership (part of a volume titled Women’s Bookscapes in Early Modern Britain, edited...

Lost letters – and reputations

29 September 2017

My first RECIRC blog post explained Why we’re glad Samuel Hartlib read other people’s mail. This, my final post,* is about manuscript letters that have gone missing –...

Transcriptions of Lady Dorothy Shirley’s Poems

4 September 2017

Lady Dorothy Shirley (1600-1636) was a poet and literary patron. Two poems have survived from her literary corpus and both of these are transcribed in the manuscript verse miscellany...

Elizabeth Tanfield Cary and the reception of “An Epitaph upon the Death of the Duke of Buckingham”

18 August 2017

Four hundred and eleven years ago this week, George Villiers, the first duke of Buckingham, checked into a Portsmouth inn called The Greyhound. He wouldn’t live long enough to...