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Jacobite Women

19 May 2017

We love uncovering stories about the women who played a role in the Jacobite Risings and we’ve found some good ones we wanted to share with you. Firstly, we look at Jenny...

‘A New and Easy Method of Cookery’

12 May 2017

The 18th Century has some fantastic recipes, which we love to read and perhaps occasionally try. This time we are looking at the book ‘ A New and Easy Method of Cookery’...

The Romance of Jacobitism

5 May 2017

The history of Jacobitism is long and complex and is debated over in many different ways. Today we thought we’d take a little look into how the Jacobites have been romanticised...

The Basket Hilted Broadsword

28 April 2017

Unsurprisingly one of the highlights of visitors time here at Culloden is attending the workshops that volunteers come and run in the exhibition looking at weapons of the ’45...