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The Incredible Rout of Moy

23 June 2017

The Rout of Moy is a fantastic story in the Jacobite Rising of ’45 and one that we had to share with you. In the early months of 1746 Prince Charles Edward Stuart was...

The Alien Act of 1705

16 June 2017

The start of the 1700’s saw many acts of parliament coming into place, one of the last ones before the Act of Union was the Alien Act of 1705. This act sadly has nothing...

The Might and Majesty of Glencoe

9 June 2017

Glencoe is a beautiful part of Scotland that is rich, not just in landscape, but also history so today we thought we share a little bit about why we love the spot so much. Firstly,...

National Volunteers Week

2 June 2017

#ntsvolsweek2017 This year marks the 80th anniversary of the National Trust for Scotland conserving for the battlefield and this December the 10th anniversary of the current visitor...