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Clan Mottos

20 October 2017

Many people who come to Culloden are interested in their own family history and the ties they may have with Scottish culture. One of the most popular questions we get asked is for information...

Preview of the new learning resources!

13 October 2017

For the past 10 months our learning team has been working on a new resource for school teachers. In this blog post we thought we would share some of the resource with...

King Charles II

6 October 2017

We tend to start our story here at Culloden with James VII & II but before he became king, it was his brother Charles II who ruled in Scotland and England. Charles II was king...

Scottish Enlightenment

29 September 2017

Whilst we mainly focus on the Jacobite history here at Culloden it is always nice to branch out and look at life in the 18th Century from a broader view. This week we get to look...