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Historians, Public Intellectuals in Waiting

18 March 2017

When stupidity and mendaciousness rule the roost it is hard not to think that something has gone wrong with education. The last year — probably much longer, but it was about a...

Saying Yes to Academic Service

10 March 2017

A distinguishing feature of academic life is the sense that one’s job and one’s work are in perpetual conflict. This is most obviously and damagingly the case for the...

Moving Targets

23 February 2017

To move is to invite suspicion. For the period I study — and perhaps especially in the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries — perhaps no word captures the variety...

On Not Calling Trump Apologists Racist

19 February 2017

A few days ago I had a lengthy exchange (on FB, so you know I’m old) with a Trump apologist. It started when a friend of mine posted a story about a Canadian citizen — but,...