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14 April 2017

One of the many things no graduate school teaches you is how universities work. Because of this it can take many years, even on the tenure track, to figure out exactly what your...


7 April 2017

In light of this recent Chronicle Vitae piece by Jonathan Rees, on the ethical dilemma posed by leaving a job, historian and blogger John Fea asks about the limits of faculty members’ loyalty...

Universities, Academic Freedom, and the Advertising Imperative: Thoughts on the Potter Case

28 March 2017

The anniversary of my first post on this blog comes as friends and colleagues again debate the merits, costs and consequences of various forms of academic engagement with the public....

Historians, Public Intellectuals in Waiting

18 March 2017

When stupidity and mendaciousness rule the roost it is hard not to think that something has gone wrong with education. The last year — probably much longer, but it was about a...