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The Dead Grandmother Business

26 June 2017

Let me start by saying that by far the best take I have read on this now-notorious Chronicle piece (Shannon Reed’s fictional contract requiring a student whose grandmothers...

What’s the Use of History? A Postscript

25 May 2017

Having already devoted my two last posts to John Pepall’s attack on “university historians”, I don’t wish to go on beating a dead horse. But inasmuch...

What’s the Use of History? Part

19 May 2017

Continued from here. For Pepall, then, the relevance of history to any member of the public is rooted explicitly, indeed exclusively, in that person’s identity — an...

What’s the Use of History?

18 May 2017

So asks John Pepall in the current issue of the Dorchester Review. Not that he really thinks there’s any question. As he informs us on page one, The use of history, the...