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The Rule of the 20th Century (The Shape of Academic History, Part II)

11 August 2017

My last post looked at the geographical focus of academic historians in Canada, and found that it was predominantly Canadian and European. This was not too surprising, though it does...

The Shape of Academic History, Part I: Geography

8 August 2017

I used to open my introductory course on pre-modern European history (c.400-1789) with an image that I have come to think of as “History Goes Boom.” It’s evidently...

Brains drained: Some thoughts on the Canada 150 Research Chairs

30 July 2017

Canadian academics and perhaps a handful of other people will have heard over the last month or so of a new program: the “Canada 150 Research Chairs“. This is a version...

Empire: Yay or Nay

23 July 2017

A disturbing feature of the ongoing public debate about the history of empire is the dullness with which the main question has been engaged, particularly by academic-cum-public intellectual...