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Age of Revolutions Update: On Vacation

14 August 2017

Update: AoR is taking a much needed break during this last leg of summer. We’ll return in September, but while we’re away, check out our previous posts—perhaps,...

Child Gangs and Motherly Duty at the Onset of Revolution

7 August 2017

By Julia M. Gossard At the start of the French Revolution in 1789, a concerned Parisian published a pamphlet warning mothers about the dangers of gang violence.  The advisory...

Married Priests in France, 1789-1815

31 July 2017

By Xavier Marechaux In a previous post on this blog, Kate Marsden described the fate of hundreds of nuns who married during the French Revolution, shedding light on a topic often...

Anarchy and the American Revolution

24 July 2017

By Tom Cutterham If the opening stages of the American Revolution were about the overthrow of tyranny, then its denouement was defined by the struggle against anarchy—at least,...