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Making Peru’s Sendero Luminoso: The Mega Niño of 1982-3

27 March 2017

By Javier Puente In 1980, as Peru returned to democracy after more than a decade of military rule, both the state and civil society faced an unparalleled challenge.[*] Sendero Luminoso...

Book Giveaway: Brown’s Self-Evident Truths

22 March 2017

Brown, Richard D. Self-Evident Truths: Contesting Equal Rights from Revolution to the Civil War. New Haven. Yale University Press, 2017. Hardback. In conjunction with YaleUniversity...

What Was Revolutionary in 1776?

20 March 2017

By Richard D. Brown Most scholars agree that the American Revolution, in contrast to the French, Soviet, and Chinese revolutions did not generate any radical alteration of the social...

Imagining the Worker’s Revolution: The Case of Georges Sorel

6 March 2017

By Eric Brandom By the end of the 19th century, Marx’s legacy was attached to political parties that sought to win power democratically, indeed that to a great degree identified...