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Land and Liberation: The Legacy of Zimbabwe’s Revolutionary Struggle

26 June 2017

By Chase Barney Independence in most of southern Africa came with bloodshed, and came much later than elsewhere on the continent largely due to the presence of significant white settler...

Prix de Moralité: The Inculcation of Young French Citizens

19 June 2017

By Julia M. Gossard On the 19th of May 1798, Citizen Champagne, the director of the French National Institute of Equality, awarded eighteen students with “morality prizes”...

The Commune’s Marianne: An Art History of La Pétroleuse

12 June 2017

By Lynn Clement The near-mythical pétroleuse was one of the principal figures to emerge from the short-lived, yet radical Paris Commune (lasting from March 18, 1871 to May 28...

A “Thorough Deist?” The Religious Life of Benjamin Franklin

5 June 2017

By Thomas S. Kidd Benjamin Franklin was arguably the greatest exemplar of America’s Enlightenment. The child of a modest Puritan family in Boston, Franklin had virtually no...