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Shorthand in Cromwell and Packer

7 November 2017

By Michele Pflug Last week, I was perusing Katherine Packer’s A Boock of Very Good medicines for severall deseases wounds and sores both new and olde, dated 1639, when I came...

Welcome to #EMROCTranscribes 2017!

7 November 2017

By Lisa Smith Welcome to our third annual transcribathon! The goal in previous years has been to take one book and finish a triple-keyed transcription of it over twelve hours. In 2016,...

Joining our Transcribathon without experience?

6 November 2017

Thinking about joining in #EMROCtranscribes this year, but feeling nervous? Worried about tackling old handwriting? Please read on for some tips from other first-time transcribers,...

Transcribathon Banquet Update

11 October 2017

We have good news from the Folger Shakespeare Library:  they received a grant that is now funding paleographer Sarah Powell to do the vetting of the recipe manuscripts.  So...