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Margaret Baker’s “Goulden Water”

18 July 2017

Written by Mikayla Boynton When looking through multiple recipe books from the 17th and 18th centuries, one will often find similar, if not copied entries across several manuscripts....

What is a Recipe? DH@Guelph Summer Workshop 2017

26 June 2017

Workshop Participants from the DH@Guelph Summer Workshop 2017: Making Manuscripts Digital are taking part of the Recipe Projects 2-month long online conversation/conference about “What...

Foalefoote: Defining Ingredients Contextually

15 June 2017

Written by Tristan McGuin It is frequent when transcribing and analyzing older recipes that we come across a word that we do not readily recognize. Whether it be a word that is no longer...

What constitutes a diet drink?

29 May 2017

Written by Solveig Roervik While transcribing the Ann Fanshawe manuscript, I came upon a drink called a diet drink. Because of the way the ingredients were suspended in liquid,...