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ARTS AND HUMANITIES AS HIGHER EDUCATION: an international research group and network, founder of Arts and Humanities in Higher Education journal

3 February 2017

Many thanks to the Arts and Humanities as Higher Education blog for promoting my work on Anglo-Iberian relations and the history of propaganda. Their showcase of my work undertaken...

Portuguese and Spanish history on the early modern stage: ‘The Battle of Alcazar’ (Part 4 – by 20 January 2017)

24 January 2017

A detail from the only known representation of the Battle of Alcazar, which accompanies Miguel Leitão de Adndrade’s eyewitness account in his Miscelânea (1629). It...

British Expat Communities in Portugal and Spain, Post-Brexit

23 October 2016

We are preparing to gather case studies and data on the experiences and concerns of British expats currently living in Portugal and Spain, in the aftermath of the UK’s decision...

Anglo-Iberian Relations in Post-Brexit Britain #AIRPBB

15 October 2016

As Home Office figures have confirmed this week, there was a sharp increase in Hate Crimes  after the UK Referendum: figures leaped by 41% in the month after the vote to leave...