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Early Modern Coroners’ Inquests into Deaths in Custody

13 July 2017

We are delighted to share this post by Krista Kesselring, Professor of History at Dalhousie University. It originally appeared on the Legal History Miscellany blog on July 9, 2017....

Reading Megan Comfort’s Doing Time Together as an Early Modernist.

3 July 2017

Sometimes I try to lift my head out of the archives and read around in the growing and really awesome new literature on prisons in more recent times. This is the first of what I hope...

Conference report: “Prisons and Prison Writing in Early Modern Britain”

21 April 2017

Last week, on Monday 10 April, I was fortunate enough to attend a day conference hosted by the International John Bunyan Society on “Prisons and Prison Writing in Early Modern...

Profitable penitence: selling books for prisoners in seventeenth-century London

5 April 2017

In 1675, Christopher Flower published The Penitent Prisoner, a short tract intended to offer divine comfort to condemned inmates and encourage penitence, a spiritual guide on turning...