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Rape and Infanticide at the Halstead House of Correction

9 March 2017

George Dewing, the keeper of the Halstead House of Correction, was a monster who raped an inmate and murdered her child. Or he was framed.           ...

Prisoners and Prison Staff at the Cold Bath Fields House of Correction

27 February 2017

by Kiran Mehta In The Promise of Punishment: Prisons in Nineteenth-Century France, published in 1982, Patricia O’Brien argued that the prison guard was ‘the most important...

Imprisoned in print: John Lilburne and the (in)visibility of incarceration

10 February 2017

John Lilburne by George Glover, from The Christian mans triall (1641). © National Portrait Gallery, London, NPG D10576 (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0).On 11 June 1646, John Lilburne...

A Proposal to Enslave Petty Offenders (1621)

24 January 2017

We are delighted to share this post by Krista Kesselring, Professor of History at Dalhousie University. It originally appeared on the Legal History Miscellany blog on 10 January 2017....