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Generic excitement

27 April 2017

Give ear, I pray you, and mark it attentively, for you shall hear the tenor of a strange and tragical comedy. Anthony Munday, Zelauto (1580) Genre: what is it, what does it mean, and...

Birthday Post: A Year of Before Shakespeare

23 April 2017

We launched our website last year, on the date of Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary, with an introduction to the project and something of a provocation in Andy’s post about...

Announcing the Launch of REED Online

18 April 2017

Research for Before Shakespeare (as any project interested in theatre and performance history) sits on the advances made through major projects over the past decades, particularly...

Shakespeare, attribution and attrition: at tribute zone

12 April 2017

At the 2017 Shakespeare Association of America, Marissa Nicosia and Curtis Perry ran a session on Shakespearean Distortions, asking what is lost from our understanding of the early...