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Post from the Past 2: A Week in the Life of William Fleetwood

20 February 2017

Fleetwood to Burghley, 1584. William Fleetwood was a significant figure in Elizabethan London.  He studied in early life at Eton and Oxford before attending the Middle Temple...

Post from the Past 1: Spying the Playhouses

7 February 2017

Catlyn to Walsingham, 1587 This post is the first in a series that will share our work in the archive, including photographed images, transcriptions, and a brief discussion of...

Shakespeare: A knack for following theatrical fashion

1 February 2017

Venice. Two faithful friends are pitted against a vengeful moneylender who is out for blood. In a climactic trial scene they proclaim their willingness to die for each other; the moneylender’s...

The Three Ladies of London and Red Lion workshop, 22 January 2017

23 January 2017

Our handout from the event can be downloaded here: three-ladies-and-rl-workshop-handout and photos can be found at Media > Workshops. Our first workshop with The Dolphin’s...