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Venus’s Palaces

4 October 2017

She’s got it,Yeah baby, she’s got it—Shocking Blue For 1570s and 1580s theatregoers, love was all around. One of the defining characteristics of the earliest surviving...

Attribution, agencies, and investigation

2 October 2017

We welcome a guest post from Leah Scragg, responding to this summer’s discussion of attribution on the blog (see here and here). *** This post joins a very interesting discussion...

Relearning how to learn: potential ideas for scholarly debate

8 September 2017

We’ve just finished our four-day Before Shakespeare conference, and this blog post is an attempt to report back to the profession more generally about the things that worked or...

CONFERENCE RESPONSE: Reflections on the Before Shakespeare conference by Stephen Purcell

6 September 2017

Theatre history is not so much about establishing fact as it is about embracing uncertainty, a dialogue between competing and sometimes complementary narratives. That seemed to be the...