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The Delicate Hand: Female Engravers

22 February 2017

1. Jan van der Straeten,  Plate 19 of the Nova Reperta (New Discoveries). Late 16th century. Metropolitan Museum of Art, Digital Photo #: DP102228.tifI have been researching glass...

Book Announcement

12 January 2017

With apologies for the self-promotion, I’d like to use this post to announce the publication of Early Modern Women’s Writing: Domesticity, Privacy, and the Public...

The Court Beguinages of the Low Countries

2 December 2016

This blog post by Sarah Moran explores the lives of Court Beguinages, lay women who lived in religious communities. Her overview moves from the Middle Ages to today, with...

Renaming Themselves: The Mottoes of Early Modern Women Writers

18 October 2016

1. Print by Daniel Veelwaard, reproducing a letter by Maria Tesselschade Roemers Visscher, with her motto. Rijksmuseum, RP-P-OB66.611.When I first started this blog, my 13-year-old...