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The Phenomenon of the Married Woman Writer in the Dutch Republic

1 November 2017

In this blog post, Nina Geerdink makes a startling discovery. Even though it has often been noted that many Dutch women stopped writing once married, she finds that there was a sizable...

Erasing Pregnancy in Early Modern Mothers’ Legacies: Elizabeth Richardson’s Revisions

20 July 2017

In this post, Amanda Zoch discusses mothers’ legacies, books that were written by early modern women for their children but often gained a larger audience in print form....

Selfie Fashioning and the Self-Portraits of Calligrapher Esther Inglis

15 June 2017

In this blog post, guest blogger Taylor Clement explores the richly complex self-portraits of Esther Inglis.  By Taylor Clement In 2013, the editors of the Oxford English Dictionary...

The Monstrous Worlds of Two Seventeenth-Century Hispanic Women Writers: María de Zayas and Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz

17 May 2017

This blog post by Bonnie Gasior explores monstrosity and/in the works of two early modern Hispanic women writers. by Bonnie Gasior Disclaimer: this post contains no references...